Bitcoin Cash Wallet Cointext Сaptures Asia


Cointext, a service which enables cryptocurrency users to transact directly over mobile SMS, has announced today that it launched support for its Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet to Hong Kong, as well as Israel and the Palestinian territories (Palestine). “These are important regions for us to connect because they’re financial centers,” said founder and lead developer Vin Armani. “And Cointext gives them a simple alternative to physical cash.”

Cointext users access their wallets by sending SMS commands like BALANCE, RECEIVE, and SEND to a local access number. A new wallet is instantly set up the moment the recipient receives a message through the service.

Launched back in March of this year in the US, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, and the UK, Cointext is a full-featured wallet that doesn’t require apps, accounts, passwords or even access to the Internet. The service offers an on-ramp to the cryptocurrency ecosystem for anyone with an SMS-enabled phone.

Bitcoin Cash Wallet Cointex has expanded its service to six more European countries. On Oct. 1 the company announced that people can now use the app to send BCH over SMS in Germany, France, Austria, Portugal, Estonia and Czech Republic.


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