Qinta ‘Self-Driving Fintech Wallet’ Aims to Protect Americans Against Inflation


Qinta announced it had fully tested and completed its prototype product ahead of its official launch scheduled for 2022. Qinta is an expert-developed wallet comprised of blockchain-backed fintech tools to help ordinary people take back control of their financial lives and improve financial wellness. Qinta’s backers on Wefunder have raised more than $76,000 for the project so far. The Qinta wallet features high-yield accounts, an intelligent planner, and other wealth-building tools created to help users reach their financial goals much faster than with incumbent traditional or digital banks.

The inflation rate in the U.S. surged to 6.2% in October 2021, the highest since November 1990 and now this early December, hitting the fastest annual pace since 1982. With the rise in prices of consumer goods remaining steady, the hard-earned money of Americans will continue to purchase far less than in previous years.

“I think it’s safe to say that traditional financial solutions have failed most average folks over the years,” said Vin Noche, Qinta Co-Founder, and CEO. “And we feel that loss now more than ever due to the pandemic. We’re talking about the average individual regularly charged outrageous hidden fees – while offering close to 0% interest – all for the privilege of letting traditional financial institutions hold one’s money. The money they then use to create vast sums of profit for their owners and shareholders, with only a trickle given to account holders. Qinta aims to change that paradigm.”

Qinta features include:

  • The latest blockchain technology is leveraged to unlock monetary benefits from a broad spectrum of financial products.
  • A simple design that allows users to begin building wealth with just a few clicks, including Qinta’s core product, a high-yield savings app that lets users earn 1% to 10% APY with absolutely no hidden fees.
  • Overall low operating costs by eliminating intermediaries – all features are code-based.
  • A highly experienced Cambridge University-educated development team of CPA, Product Manager, Data Scientist, and Software Engineers hailing from Google, Grab, FTI Consulting, and Qwant – with additional expertise in finance, machine learning, and risk management.
  • Already selected by Daily Finance as one of the Best Fintech Startups founded in 2020/21.


“It’s quite unfortunate that traditional financial institutions don’t seem to be in the business of generating income for you or protecting your financial goals,” Vin Noche said. “They seem only to protect themselves. And that’s why we have to create a new generation of investment tools and institutions – backed by the irrefutable power of the blockchain and web3 – to help people take control of their own financial freedom. The good news is that we already have one great solution. And it’s called Qinta. And we’re excited to bring it to your hands soon next year.”

Learn more about the Qinta wallet project by visiting the fundraising site. Or follow Qinta on social media for up-to-the-minute development news: LinkedIn, Twitter.

About Qinta

Qinta is an expert-developed, self-driving fintech wallet that leverages blockchain technology to unlock a wide variety of financial benefits for global citizens. Initially created to help people recover from the economic setbacks created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Qinta democratizes wealth generation with a simple mission: to bring affordable, accessible, wealth-building tools and solutions to everyday people.


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