StableHouse Opens Exclusive Early Access to Digital Assets Platform Offering Up to 12% Interest — Powered by XBTO


StableHouse, powered by XBTO, has announced the early access launch of its regulated and licensed digital assets platform, with the aim of making financial growth easier for everyone. The platform allows users to begin trading and investing in a wide range of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. StableHouse offers transparent, sustained rates with higher limits on small and large deposits, as well as no tie-in, clear terms, and high interest returns. The introductory rate of 12% is available on any fiat-based stablecoin deposits of up to $100,000 in USD equivalent, with interest paid in kind.

Michael Chauliac, President of StableHouse, said: “Our mission is to empower everyone to benefit from the new world of finance, making it easier to understand and take advantage of. We believe that crypto technology will fundamentally transform finance for the better. As such, our vision is to merge crypto with everyday finance and act as a safe space for anyone to achieve financial growth.”

Founded by the XBTO team, StableHouse’s leadership team are experts in market making and wealth management. The company works with trusted partners who make strategic, considered investments into a range of asset classes to create greater value for the users’ holdings.

Philippe Bekhazi, CEO of StableHouse and XBTO, said: “StableHouse is reinventing digital asset trading for users through a more personal approach. We want to cut out the noise and jargon, and make investing in digital assets simple, secure, and rewarding. We truly believe StableHouse’s approach to digital asset trading will offer more opportunities for high-interest returns. Above all, we want all of our users to be comfortable, confident and informed when making digital assets investments.”

StableHouse’s security and compliance standards ensure funds are stored with a high degree of protection. Its institutional-grade infrastructure also ensures continued availability of digital assets.

In October 2021, StableHouse closed a seed funding round of $12 million USD, with investments secured from Coinbase Ventures, the investment arm of Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange; Dragonfly Capital, the VC focussing on crypto asset investment; and Liberty City Ventures, the New York based, technology-focused venture capital firm.

Murtaza Akbar of Liberty City Ventures said: “Stablehouse resides at a critical intersection of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. With authorization and regulatory oversight by the Bermuda Monetary Authority, international clients can be confident in transacting at this junction. As stablecoins proliferate and market participants choose to conduct borrowing and lending in natively crypto products, Stablehouse will be a leading platform for financial transactions and the preferred entry point for international crypto asset markets.”

To request early access to the platform, prospective users should register on Invites to join the platform will be issued to eligible applicants via email.

About StableHouse

StableHouse is a regulated and intuitive platform. Its easy-to-use, frictionless digital assets platform empowers everyone from beginners to seasoned crypto experts to save, invest, and earn reliable returns from digital assets.

StableHouse’s mission is to empower everyone to benefit from the new world of finance by building understanding and creating financially rewarding tools. StableHouse believes crypto technology will fundamentally transform finance for the better.


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