ClubNFT Expands Blockchain Support and Enhances User Experience with New Features


In response to growing demand from the NFT community, ClubNFT today announced significant platform updates including support for the Polygon blockchain, the launch of an advanced spam filtering system, and a completely redesigned user interface.

These updates are part of ClubNFT’s ongoing commitment to broadening its support for various blockchains and improving user experience. Following the recent integration of the Avalanche blockchain, this new Polygon support is part of ClubNFT’s continued efforts to reach out to new NFT communities with tools and services to keep their collections safe.

“Polygon blockchain support, on top of our existing Tezos, Ethereum, and Avalanche support, allows ClubNFT to protect and preserve the vast majority of NFTs and communities out there, now including the popular Reddit Collectible Avatars, which are built on Polygon,” said Jason Bailey, co-founder of ClubNFT.

Reddit Collectible Avatars, launched in July 2022, have been incredibly popular within the Reddit community, showing strong engagement and activity throughout the past two years. ClubNFT co-founder Chris King said, “Reddit Collectible Avatars were positioned as almost non-NFTs – the word NFT pretty much never comes up in documentation and discussions, and the community is largely disconnected from the wider NFT community in a lot of ways. But whatever you call them, Avatars are regular Polygon NFTs using IPFS to store the art – and that means collectors ought to back them up. ClubNFT is dedicated to helping collectors protect their collections, and we’re thrilled to be able to support a new community which doesn’t get a lot of attention from the broader NFT ecosystem.”

No Spam. Better Interface.

Addressing community feedback concerning cluttered backups, ClubNFT has developed an innovative spam filtering feature. This new tool automatically identifies and filters out spam AirDrops and unwanted NFTs, significantly improving the management and quality of user backups.

A new, intuitive interface designed to enhance user experience not only makes the platform more visually appealing but also simplifies navigation, making it easier and more enjoyable for both seasoned collectors and newcomers to manage their NFTs.

Founded by Jason Bailey and Chris King, ClubNFT’s mission is to help protect artists and collectors from marketplace dependency for the safety and preservation of their NFTs, educate anyone interested in the space, and help collectors make good decisions about what to buy next, where, and why.

About ClubNFT

ClubNFT is a technology company pioneering the next generation of NFT solutions to help collectors analyze, monitor, and protect their NFTs. They provide both paid and free services to protect NFT collections from marketplace shutdowns, censorship, and bankruptcies by giving collectors the ability to self-custody the artwork and metadata for their NFT collection. The company’s trusted tools are endorsed by partners like LEDGER, fx(hash) and KnownOrigin and are relied upon by some of the world’s top NFT collectors. ClubNFT is led by a team of seasoned professionals with expertise in technology, finance, and the art world. For more information, please visit


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