Version 3.0 of Loyyal’s Industry-Leading Blockchain Platform Unveils New Administrative Console

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Loyyal, the industry leader in applying blockchain technologies to enhance today’s loyalty and incentive programs, is proud to unveil version 3.0 of the Loyyal Product Suite, achieving yet another milestone in the platform’s performance, security, and features. Already the industry leader, Loyyal’s continued enhancement of transaction security, scalability, and ease of deployment delivers greater benefits to loyalty program operators than ever before. Among several new features, two significant introductions in this release are the new Administration Console, as well as improved fault-tolerance and recovery.

Greater Control & Visibility for Program Operators

The new Administration Console provides Operators with a new level of insights into program activity and member behavior. With these new features, Operators are able to query and view individual blockchain transactions within their programs, or the precise activities of their members in ways previously unavailable. This level of observability empowers Operators to more accurately tune their programs for maximum member value and engagement, all while improving program profitability.

Another key set of functionality provided via the Administration Console gives Operators greater security through the management of user accounts and permissions. An Operator’s organizational roles, as well as access rights and privileges, can now be mirrored in how it manages its blockchain on Loyyal. In addition to easier deployment and ongoing management of the Loyyal Product Suite, the user management features of the Administration Console also serve to help prevent fraud within a program’s operations.

Future releases will expand on the Administration Console’s capabilities, including visual management of Smart Contracts, Partner management, and additional customized reporting tools.

Additional Features

With version 3.0, the Loyyal Product Suite has improved redundancy and system recovery from unforeseen network errors or conditions, negating the need for continued monitoring by Operators, and automating the recovery of key Platform functions within milliseconds. Additionally, Loyyal’s engineers have refactored much of the Platform’s underlying API layer for greater performance, while maintaining backward-compatibility with previous releases.

“It is the needs of our clients and their partners that continue to drive the design and features of the Loyyal Product Suite,” said Greg Simon, CEO, and Founder of Loyyal Corporation. “Loyalty program needs are somewhat unique among large enterprise applications, and we are absolutely committed to staying ahead of the rest of the industry in meeting the needs of Program Operators. The release of Version 3.0 provides the support and tools needed by even the largest global programs.”

Loyyal’s blockchain-as-a-service and software components combine the core Loyyal Platform APIs, Program Manager, and Event Manager modules, coupled with secure Node hosting for a complete solution. The capacity and performance enhancements, plus the robust data privacy controls of Loyyal Product Suite version 3.0 build upon the success of version 1.0 released in June of last year, which delivered enterprise-grade capabilities and improvements in transaction security, network resiliency, and scalability.

About Loyyal

Loyyal, the Internet of Loyalty, is reinventing how loyalty is created, rewarded, and managed. Using proprietary blockchain and smart contract technology, Loyyal’s interoperable loyalty and rewards platform brings a host of benefits to a highly fragmented industry and offers brands an innovative way to unlock the billions of dollars in value held captive in legacy loyalty programs today. For information about Loyyal, please visit


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