Why PrimeXBT Is the Best Choice for Traders in Australia


With such a wide variety of trading platforms and asset exchanges across the globe, traders often seek out to discover the best trading platform in Australia. While there are nearly infinite options available, very few platforms are as widely preferred as PrimeXBT by Australian traders.

PrimeXBT is an award-winning Bitcoin-based margin trading platform, offering immediate access to forex currency pairs such as AUD/USD NZD/USD; CFDs on global stock indices including ASX 200; commodities such as gold, oil, and silver; and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The advanced trading platform has everything top traders demand, including the highest level of security and performance, while also providing essential reference materials and a simple-to-navigate user interface that is appealing to newcomers.

Award-Winning Multi-Asset Platform Offers Unrivaled Portfolio Diversification

Because PrimeXBT offers a wide range of assets ranging from digital to traditional, the platform allows traders the unrivaled ability to build a well-diversified portfolio across many uncorrelated and anti-correlated assets.

Portfolio diversification is one of many risk management strategies that can be applied through PrimeXBT. The platform also includes built-in charting software so traders can perform detailed technical analysis right from the trading terminal itself.

This enables precise and careful planning of strategies, including when and where to take a position, and at what levels to take profit.

Combining a sound plan, chart patterns, and one of the dozens of technical analysis indicators offered by the platform, such as the MACD, RSI, Williams Alligator, and more, can result in significant profitability.

The company’s blog and Help Center supplies newer traders unfamiliar with this terminology with references materials, tutorials, and helpful guides. Friendly customer support is always available 24/7 via live support chat, for any questions that go beyond trading.

Stable and Profitable Trading, Even During Peak Extreme Volatility

The stable trading engine boasts 99.9% uptime, even during peak volatility. Orders are executed with lightning speed, with minimal slippage thanks to high liquidity.

At any given time, traders can log into PrimeXBT and begin trading one of the many markets offered on the platform, taking full advantage of the attractive leverage conditions across forex, commodities, stock indices, and cryptocurrencies. Leverage can be a powerful profit-generating tool for those who are willing to take some extra risk and trade on margin.

Leverage allows these traders to gear their trades, and turn small amounts of capital into large position sizes, therefore multiplying profits by a factor of up to 1000 times.

This also lowers any risk, by keeping the capital put at stake to an absolute minimum. With less capital at stake, and the profit potential increase by a massive factor, the risk to reward ratio greatly improves and could lead to more successful profit booking.

Innovations Beyond Traditional Trading Alone

For those that are interested in learning what PrimeXBT offers beyond just trading alone, the platform is well known for its lucrative four-level referral program and its income-generating affiliate marketing programs.

The referral program lets traders grow a viral network of commission-generating traders. In addition to earning commissions from each trader referred, any new clients referred by the referral also earns the original trader a portion of commissions – up to four levels of commissions deep.

In addition, PrimeXBT has recently debuted two cutting edge new tools: PrimeXBT Turbo and the Covesting Fund Management Module beta.

PrimeXBT Turbo is a synthetic short-duration Bitcoin contract that lets traders simply choose from an up or down contact, and a duration of 30-seconds, one-minute, or five-minutes, for fast, simplified trading.

The platform features a striking visual style and is the perfect solution to still churn profits from stagnant markets when volatility is lacking. Rather than staying sidelined waiting for the next move, traders can try their hand with Turbo.

The Covesting Fund Management Module beta brings top traders and new investors together for synergistic profits. Top traders and aspiring fund managers can launch funds of their own for investors to inject capital into. These top traders earn a potion of trading success fees, while these investors get to sit back and relax and let the top traders book profits for them, all without ever having to open a chart on their own.

Summary: Why More Australian Traders Are Choosing PrimeXBT

With so many important features available to traders all under one roof, it’s no surprise that more Australian traders are shifting to PrimeXBT, during the current spike in market volatility.

There’s never been a more ideal time to trade AUD against USD, CAD, JPY, and the many other trading pairs offered on PrimeXBT. PrimeXBT also offers many of the world’s most widely traded and significant stock indices, such as the ASX 200, SPX, and many more.

Combining these markets with access to commodities such as oil and natural gas, or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, creates more opportunities and avenues for traders to turn a profit.

No other platform combines this many tools, assets, and innovations, and does so as successfully as PrimeXBT.

Registration is free, fast, and requires no personal information. Sign up now and start trading AUD or the ASX 200 on PrimeXBT today!


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